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5004WG 11.15.18
5004WG 11.15.18-15004WG 11.15.18-25004WG 11.15.18-35004WG 11.15.18-45004WG 11.15.18-55004WG 11.15.18-back5004WG 11.15.18-buckle

Patek Philippe 5004 White Gold Split seconds Chronograph

White Gold

Patek Philippe The 5004 White Gold

SKU: Madison5004G

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Extraordinary example of Patek Philippe 5004G in mint condition. The reference 5004 marked a radical change in the history of Patek Philippe since for the first time, a perpetual calendar chronograph of the house, embodied the split second function in addition to the already existing complications. 


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