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Patek Philippe 1518 Yellow Gold Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

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Launched in 1941 , the iconic reference 1518 was Patek Philippe’s first wristwatch to combine the complications of a perpetual calendar and a chronograph: a true innovation requiring the finest and most skilled watchmaker.It remained in production until 1954 with a total run of approximately 281 pieces.
The dial of this watch balances the chronograph indications with the indications of the day, date, and month. Its success was immediate: its elegant design was a source of inspiration for many of Patek Philippe’s perpetual calendar chronographs, leading also to define the look that would keep the complicated Patek wristwatches for decades.
although produced in small numbers before and during the war, the reference 1518 was first promoted in the post-war period starting with a Patek Philippe press release dated July 1, 1949.
“How in such a limited space could we add an apparatus showing Leap Years, the chronograph, the phases of the moon and the calendar?
Our Gregorian calendar requires a mechanism which completes a cycle every four years, in other words, at least one of its parts has to execute a turn in four years. The problem was resolved and the invention sage had been far surpassed, as the factory of Patek Philippe in Geneva, actually the only one. is able to manufacture these watches.
Reference 1518 is without a doubt one of Patek Philippe’s most important complicated wristwatch models ever produced, and has always been considered in the highest regard amongst collectors.


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